TVX12-Li Friction Weld

The TVX Li-ion battery powerd tool is one of the fastest on the market
In less than 3 seconds, the strap is tensioned, sealed and cut! 

TVX12-Li and TVX16-Li Friction Weld Battery Powered Strapping Tools


The ergonomic and rugged design assists maximum operator comfort, with minimal effect.

Packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates can be easily and safely strapped.

Strap feeding is extremely simple, with both straps being inserted together .

The TVX has an exceptional tension range and applies up to 240 Kg of tension with ease.

The flexible sealing mode allows you to choose from semi automatic or single button fully automatic operation.

Package comes complete with battery and charger
Replacement batteries and chargers are also available


  • Strap type compatibility - (Polyester - 0.4mm - 1.05mm)(Polypropylene 0.7mm - 1.05mm)
  • 12mm or 16mm - Please specify when ordering
  • Strap tension - Adjustable up to 240 Kg, subject to strap specifications