Silica Gel

  • Removes Humidity in Sealed Packages
  • Helps to Prevent Corrosion
  • Ideal for Electronics, Leather Goods

It is recommended that you use 5g of Silica Gel per every Cubic Foot,
and that your package is airtight.

Product Code Pack Weight Pack Dimension Qty Per Box
SGS1 1g 18mm x 33mm 500
SGS5 5g 37mm x 52mm 250
SGS10 10g 36mm x 74mm 500
SGS25 25g 47mm x 122mm 500
SGS50 50g 86mm x 127mm 250
SGS100 100g 71mm x 158mm 200
SGS250 250g 113mm x 181mm 100
SGS500 500g 108mm x 253mm 50