Protective Sleeving

Protective Sleeving provides a practical, efficient and cost-effective solution to the problems of surface damage to components during manufacture, storage and transit.

  • Available in a wide range of colour coded sizes
  • Flexible enough to mould around irregular shaped products
  • Resistant to acids and solvents
  • Ideal for bottles, ceramics and furniture legs 
Product Code Colour Description Box Qty
TP5E Clear 7mm/15mm x 200m 4
TP10 Violet 10mm/20mm x 200m 4
TP20 Blue 25mm/50mm x 200m 4
TP50 Yellow 35mm/70mm x 200m 2
TP75 Brown 50mm/75mm x 200m 2
TP100 Red 50mm/100mm x 200m 2
TP150 Orange 75mm/150mm x 50m 2