PacPlus Impulse Sealers

PacPlus Impulse Heat Sealers

  • With or without integral cutter
  • Seals up to 2 x 150mic film (600g)
  • Can be used in combination with film unrollers 
Stock Code Item Description   Spare Kit Code Parts included with kit
IS200C 200mm Sealer, with cutter IS2KIT 1 Blade
2 Elements
3 Upper Teflon
1 Lower Teflon 
IS300C 300mm Sealer, with cutter IS3KIT
IS400C 400mm Sealer, with cutter IS4KIT
IS500C 500mm Sealer, with cutter IS5KIT
IS200 200mm Sealer, without cutter KIT200 2 Elements
3 Upper Teflons
1 Lower Teflon 
IS300 300mm Sealer, without cutter KIT300
IS400 400mm Sealer, without cutter KIT400
IS500 500mm Sealer, without cutter KIT500