VMAX 3 Air Pillow System

New generation air pillow system provides
a host of advantages over traditional loosefill

  • Portable, compact and rugged design
  • Only weighs 13 Kg
  • Very simple and easy to use controls
  • 15m per minute pillow output
  • Reliable, consistent pillow throughput

VMAX3 Air Pillow Void Fill System


Dimensions 320mm x 400mm x 360mm
Weight 13 Kg 
Speed 15m per min
Pillow Sizes 200mm x 200mm
200mm x 100mm 



Stock Code Description
PPF100 200mm x 100mm Pillow
35mic thickness
500m per roll
For use on the VMAX3 System 
PPF200 200mm x 200mm Pillow
35mic thickness
650m per roll
For use on the VMAX3 System