Gummed Paper Tape

  • Brown gummed paper tape
  • Biodegradable and fully recyclable
  • Standard and reinforced grades available
  • Water activated, to be used with a dispenser

Please check if you require tape with 'Gummed Side In' or 'Gummed Side Out'

Size Grade GSI/GSO Product Code
24mm x 200m K60 GSI K6024
36mm x 200m K60 GSI/GSO K6036
48mm x 200m K60 GSI/GSO K6048
70mm x 200m K60 GSI/GSO K6070
96mm x 200m K60 GSI/GSO K6096
48mm x 200m K70 GSI K7048
70mm x 200m K70 GSI K7070
70mm x 200m K90 GSI/GSO K9070
48mm x 200m White K70 GSI WGT48
48mm x 100m Reinforced GSI RGT48
70mm x 100m Reinforced GSI RGT70
70mm x 152m Reinforced Better Seal GSI KR500-6