SC680 Shrink Chamber

  • Seal and shrink in one operation
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Advanced electronic controls
  • 415V 3 Phase supply required
  • Powerful High Capacity Model


Power Supply: 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption: 5.3 kW
Effective Power Consumption:   2.3- 3.4 kW
Sealing Dimensions:    620mm x 800mm (D x L)
Max Height of Package:   250mm
Machine Dimensions:     1575mm x 1020mm x 645mm (L x W x H)
Max Dimensions of Film Roll: 800mm x Ø250mm

Spare Parts available for Model SC680:
297F-0074 - Teflon Roll (2m)
297F-0075 - Teflon Roll (10m)
705200250 - Sealing Element for SC680
705200131 - Rubber Strip (short)
705200130 - Rubber Strip (long)

Full range of PVC Shrink Films also available
High Film Clarity
Low Shrink Temperature
Fast Seal/Shrink Cycle

Stock Code Description Thickness / Roll length
PVC20 200/400mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC25 250/500mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC30 300/600mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC35 350/700mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC40 400/800mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC45 450/900mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m
PVC50 500/1000mm PVC Shrinkfilm 19mic - 600m


Full range of Polyolefin Shrink Films Also available
Approved for food industries and cold storage 

Suitable for wrapping irregular shapes
Doesn't discolour or become brittle with age

Stock Code Description Thickness / Roll Length
PLO-25  250/500mm Polyolefin Shrinkfilm 15mic - 1335m
PLO-30  300/600mm Polyolefin Shrinkfilm 15mic - 1335m
PLO-35  350/700mm Polyolefin Shrinkfilm 15mic - 1335m
PLO-3019  300/600mm Polyolefin Shrinkfilm 19mic - 1070m