PSW002 Turntable

  • 300% power stretch. 1m of film pre-stretched to 4m
  • 1650mm turntable with a 2000mm wrapping height
  • Home position - the turntable always stops at the same position
  • Pallet height photo sensor
  • Adjustable tension, turntable and carriage speed
  • Soft start and stop with cycle pause function
  • Choice of auto and manual modes
  • 180 degree rotating control box
  • Safety switch to prevent foot pinch
  • Advanced soft wrapping

PSW002 - Semi Automatic Powered Pre Stretch Wrap Pallet Turntable

 Maximise your pallet stretch wrappping efficiency
with the new Optimax Pallet Wrapping Turntable 


Dimensions 1650mm X 2550mm X 2538mm  (WxDxH)
Max Wrapping Height 2000mm
Max Turntable Speed 12rpm
Max Loading Weight 1650kg
Turntable Diameter 1650mm
Power Supply 240V - 13A
Power Consumption 1.2kW